Letter to the Echo re Speedwatch (Published in the last week)

I must respond to Mr Ambrose’s letter (28 Nov). Many people are too quick to moan about what is wrong in their area without being prepared to do anything about it. Speedwatch is not for armchair critics, but for those who are prepared to stand out in the wind and rain, at all times of the day to make a difference to their local community. The Speedwatch in Blenheim Park ward has been a great success and I am proud to support them attending several sessions a month. We all take it in turns and a good number of residents have come out of their houses and say what an amazing difference it makes.

The team do a wonderful job, but they are not trained traffic police officers, so while the police do write to the drivers caught speeding, they are more of a polite request saying that the local residents are concerned about speeding in their area (I suspect they drivers are the armchair critics!) and asking them to slow down.

Mistakes are made: by the police, by Speedwatch, by private businesses and I suggest by all of us. These mistakes are unfortunate but should not detract from the good work that local people do in making their community safer.

Councillor James Courtenay

Blenheim Park Ward.


About jamescourtenay

Local Southend resident, since before I can remember. I am hoping to represent the residents of Blenheim Park Ward after the May 2011 Local Elections. Straight Talking? - Yes. Approachable? - Yes. Accountable? - Yes. See my blog to find out how!
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