How many councillors does Blenheim Park have??

Today was the Annual Council, normally a very stately affair where the new mayor gets “made”. Today though, the last item on the agenda was a little more fun than normal.

“Election of Leader of the Council”. As the Conservatives do not hold a majority of the seats we could not vote en masse to make Nigel Holdcroft (Conservative Group Leader) the Leader of the Council, without support from the opposition.

Ron Woodley (member of the Independent Party) decided to stand against Nigel. The votes cast were:

Holdcroft – 25

Woodley – 16

Abstentions – 9.


Hold on a minute…….. the people of the town spoke last week, about who they wanted to be their councillor. 51 councillors are in the chamber (well not quite, 1 Lib Dem couldn’t even be bothered to attend, having booked a holiday…) and they have a job to do. Deciding on who the Leader of the Council is going to be for at least the next two years (formally 4 years) is quite an important one. So important in fact that we didn’t vote how we normally do by saying “agreed” or show of hands, but we had a named vote.

But how did Graham Longley – Lib Dem Leader and BLENHEIM PARK COUNCILLOR vote?

How did Duncan Russell vote – Lib Dem BLENHEIM PARK COUNCILLOR?

Town Clerk: “Cllr Longley”

Graham Longely: “Abstain”

Town Clerk: “Cllr Russell”

Duncan Russell: “Abstain”.

What is going on? We elect our politicians to make decisions. Sometimes these decisions are tough. But this should come as no surprise to us all really as the Lib Dems have done this abstaining malarkey before over trivial things like £500 million budgets!!

So the answer today was Blenheim Park had one councillor who bothered to vote. So fortunately all 7,000+ electors of Blenheim were not disenfranchised today.

Perhaps we all need to put a few quid together to electrify the fences in the ward?


PS Credit where credit is due – One Lib Dem made a decision. Top Marks for Ric Morgan, don’t do it too often Ric or they might ask for your party membership card back!


About jamescourtenay

Local Southend resident, since before I can remember. I am hoping to represent the residents of Blenheim Park Ward after the May 2011 Local Elections. Straight Talking? - Yes. Approachable? - Yes. Accountable? - Yes. See my blog to find out how!
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7 Responses to How many councillors does Blenheim Park have??

  1. James, I will blog on this tomorrow but the Labour stance on their en mass support was interesting. On the 23rd April the now Cllr Ware-Lane on his blog was claiming Ron Woodley had an ego on his blog and today voted for him to be leader!

  2. At least I made a choice!

  3. It also has to be said that the Liberal Democrats did you a favour.

    • The Lib Dems did what they thought was best for themselves. Cllr Longley couldn’t get enough support to be leader so he abstained. Yes it might be good for the Conservatives, but the electorate voted them in to do a job. Yesterday all bar one of them failed.

      As Tony says, credit where credit’s due. You did vote. But if I had said what you said about Ron (your blog, 23rd April) about Nigel, I certainly wouldn’t have voted for him yesterday.

  4. Julian, credit where credit is due you did make a decision but what I will say is what you say when you are candidate and actions you take as a councillor can come back and bite you on the bum! Also, when seems to get forgotten by some including Cllr Chalk is that Ron didn’t have the support of his own party as Dr Vel abstained.

    • Rob Brown says:

      Don’t be silly Julian voted for Woodley not because he had a sudden change of heart regarding Woodley or the independants. He voted for Woodley because even with Woodley’s “big ego” he was a better choice than the Holdcroft.

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