Morning registration class!

As thousands of pupils across Southend are sitting down to the dulcet tones of their form tutor or class teacher taking the register, it is time to take the Register of Shame. For these councillors decided, on Thursday last, to put party politics above all else and that, for 1,154 pupils at least, it was more important that they won a vote and saved face, than to provide more of our children with a decent standard of education.

Those pupils in receipt of a black mark are as follows:

Mike Assenheim, Independent Party
Steve Aylen, Independent Party
Brian Ayling, Independent Party (who voted the other way 9 days earlier)
Mary Betson, Liberal Democrat
Tino Callaghan, UKIP (currently suspended from the national party)
Anne Chalk, Independent Party
Alan Crystall, Liberal Demorcrat
Lawrence Davies, UKIP (currently suspended from the national party)
Caroline Endersby, Independent Party (who voted the other way 9 days earlier)
Ian Gilbert, Labour
Graham Longley, Liberal Democrat
Judith McMahon, Labour
James Moyies, UKIP (expelled from the national party, but UKIP Leader on the council)
Carole Mulroney, Liberal Democrat
Cheryl Nevin, Labour
David Norman MBE, Labour
Kevin Robinson, Labour
Martin Terry, Independent PartyPaul Van Looy, Independent Party
Marimuthu “Dr Vel” Velmurgugan, Independent Party
Nick Ward, Independent Party
Julian Gabriel St.John Ware-Lane, Labour
Floyd Waterworth, UKIP (and present!)
Peter Wexham, Liberal Democrat
Ron Woodley, Leader of the Council, Independent Party

No break-time for them today!


About jamescourtenay

Local Southend resident, since before I can remember. I am hoping to represent the residents of Blenheim Park Ward after the May 2011 Local Elections. Straight Talking? - Yes. Approachable? - Yes. Accountable? - Yes. See my blog to find out how!
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5 Responses to Morning registration class!

  1. In other words, the only councillors who voted the other way were Conservative ones – once again proving that they prefer to sail against the tide of prevailing opinion in the borough. Out of touch, out of power.

    • If it is once again one against the forty-eight I feel sorry for the forty-eight.

      I can’t believe that the ‘Listening Administration’ has been hearing people want lower school standards. If it has, then yes I’m out of touch. If not then I’m right on the ball thanks!

  2. You always were out of touch.

    Your lot had fourteen years to sort this out, and you failed. We have yet to see our first year out – and we are making progress.

    • As your national party says ‘how long so you want to go back?’. 14 years ago I was doing my A levels….

      But in the four years I’ve been a councillor and two years I was responsible we have done anything but fail!

      Huge successes in the two years I was responsible and this has carried on into your first year, although an absent portfolio holder has meant progress has slowed.

      But all of this is changing the subject… why did you all vote for decreasing targets by over 1000 kids and to below what we are currently achieving?

      Not exactly striving for the best for our pupils.

  3. I think significant progress has been made since I became a councillor. For instance, my campaigning has led to the local selective schools now enrolling more local children – something you had done nothing about.

    Quite frankly, education locally is still in a mess and will take radical action to fix. When I become as complacent as you please kick.

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